Imagine that you are the mom you always wanted to be. Calm, smiling, confident.

Your children are happy.

You are happy.

You feel you are back on track.

I love my job because I love helping moms who feel stuck.

Stuck in a cycle of repeating the same things over and over again to the kids.

Stuck with habits from their own childhood, which are not helping them in their daily lives.

Stuck in the search for something they can do differently.

It’s  wonderful to see how my clients get un-stuck as they learn to handle their emotions, regulate and talk to their children without raising their voice. They simply get their life back.


I have helped many women to get their life back on track.

If you have recently felt:


  • you have no influence on anything
  • helpless
  • you have a hard time with your emotions
  • angry and you raise your voice while talking to your children
  • you’re just too often at the end of your rope
then please repeat after me: It does not have to be like that. I can be a happy mom and a happy woman at the same time.
I am here for you.
First, You are not alone.
Second, You are going to have the upper hand on this.
Because you are here.

Here is the lesson I have learned.

I am a mom, I work, I have my goals and dreams. Just like you. I understand how it feels to be at the end of your rope. (Over and over again…)

I know what it is to try and fight your exhaustion with another cup of coffee, when you call the kids to dinner and they do not come, or when you come accross a towel thrown on the floor.

I know what it is to push your own dreams aside, because there is still something to do at home. And last but not least, I know how it feels to miss the woman you once were, before marriage, kids and this precious life you now have, but so different from the old days.

I get it, because I was once there too. But you know what? It does not have to be like that!

Hundreds of sessions with my clients and my own experience has shown me what moms struggle with. That is why I know how to prepare an action plan for you that will get you back on track! You will discover new strategies that will help you become a patient, and more laid-back mom.

One of my superpowers is to use complex psychological theories and translate them in such a way that you can understand what drives you crazy or makes you mad and help you discover a new way of being that will change your life. Forever.


This  mom of three children describes how we worked together during her program.

Afer two pandemic lockdowns I found myself in a situation where I was not communicating with my children effectively and it was impacting our relationship. I recognised that I needed help to realign myself with my values in gentle parenting and reconnecting with my children.

I found the weekly coaching sessions over 3 months really helped me to carve out a space for myself and recognise and validate my needs as a mother, so that I could better connect with my children. Kat provided a safe space of no judgement where I was able to share my parenting experience and get advice on how best to resolve some tricky situations with three young children. I feel better connected with my children and now when the tantrums flare I have solid strategies I can use to help  the kids and myself remain calm. Most importantly that hour a week was my sacred space. Kat communicated clear boundaries, was organised, efficient and always helpful, which also helped me to show up on time with consistency despite my chaotic life.

You would not have the dream in your heart if you did not already have what it takes to make it happen.
Marie Forleo.
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