About me


I’m Kat Poltorak.
Let’s get to know each other.

What do I do?

I am a psychologist and I support women. I teach you how to build close relationships in a family, how to talk, how to listen and how to reach children without yelling at them. I believe that every woman has the right to be a happy mother and should have the tools to be one.

Who is my help for?

For all mothers who want to be happy, calm, who want to understand their children and reach them with empathy. For women who feel that motherhood is overwhelming them, who want to reclaim their lives and at the same time be a caring and loving mother. (It is really possible …)

If you are tired, feel you have no influence on anything and you are still just fighting to survive, I can help you.

How is my way of working different from others?

I will prepare an action plan for you that will change your family life forever. I have guided many women through the process of change and I know it is possible for you to live a life of your dreams.

During my career, I conducted workshops, trainings, worked in schools and in the health sector. However, I decided to focus on working with mothers because:

  • each family history is different,
  • I care about a permanent change and personal success of each mom,
  • this is my favourite form of working with women – I love to support mothers one on one and see how they change their lives and become happy again.

How it works?

During your free discovery session, we talk about your challenges, fears, and struggles, but not only about this! I would like to hear what you wish for and what your dreams are.

I prepare the best action plan for you. We set the budget and duration of the program. We start the program and your everyday life changes for the better.

How to get started?

Click “I want to book my discovery session” and choose a suitable date from the calendar. Thanks to this, we will be able to get to know each other and start preparing for your program.

Ready for tips, hints and support tailored to your needs?